Business Unit Manager.

Case Study

Business Unit Manager

Confidential International Dental Implant Company

October 2019


About The Company:

This company manufactures and distributes a range of dental implant devices, screw systems, and digital solutions.

It is a family-owned company with distribution across Europe and India, with subsidiaries established in areas of Europe.


Industry: Medical Devices

Company size: 30+ employees

Type: Private Company

Founded: 1995

Specialties: Dental implants, restoration, CAD/CAM solutions


The Challenge

The business unit manager was tasked with launching the product line into the Canadian market, establishing a sales pipeline, attending trade shows to promote the company and product, and converting business in the competitive market.

They would have contacts and experience in the dental implant sector in order to “hit the ground running” with regards to existing call points, clinical, and product knowledge. The role would start out targeting the more populated areas, and eventually spread to a national reach, on-boarding sales representatives as needed.

Gilbert Meher were retained exclusively to find someone who fit the above criteria, and had the expertise and capacity to manage the market entry into a new country.


The Solution

As this was something of a senior role, with a long timeline for completion, a thorough headhunt was undertaken. Gilbert Meher began sourcing passive candidates in the sector via direct approaches, and referrals. Due to the new MDR in Europe, and a number of acquisitions in the dental sector, it was a fantastic time to market this new and entrepreneurial role. As the client managed global sales, and was often out of contact for many week, Gilbert Meher handled all organisation and contact with candidates, presenting a finalised shortlist by a pre-agreed date with pre-screened candidates, selected after a preliminary interview with a consultant at Gilbert Meher. The company was not kept anonymous after agreeing this with the client to allow candidates to do their due diligence. The process included a preliminary interview with Gilbert Meher, followed by a face-to-face interview with the client in the following months as they were visiting the country.


The Result

Relevant candidates were screened, pre-interviewed by one of the Gilbert Meher Medical Device consultants, and finally presented for review, along with a biography to the client. A scoring system was developed with the client due to the high-quality of candidates presented, and a further shortlist created from this. Due to the length of the hiring process, and time from candidate engagement to hiring, candidate management was crucial, so regular candidate contact was needed. The end result was that the client’s candidate of choice was appointed, despite being in process for competing positions.

"We were very impressed with both the short turnaround, and high quality of the shortlist Adam was able to provide for this role."

Confidential International Dental Implant Company