Our Team

Gilbert Meher is comprised of experienced Executive Search Professionals, who specialise in a variety of disciplines that can cater to the needs of the industry.

The organisation has adopted an approach centred around service users and organisational culture. Gilbert Meher’s bespoke approach is based on deep and lasting relationships with our candidates and clients.

If you want to work in a collaborative environment where opportunities are offered, skills are stretched and excellence is rewarded, you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

At Gilbert Meher, three core values underpin the entire organisation. Precision, Integrity and Passion are fundamental to all business activity at the organisation. Gilbert Meher’s client-focused approach encourages consultants to continually strive for excellence and provide outstanding service.

Current Jobs

Graduate Recruitment Scheme

Gilbert Meher are searching for ambitious Graduates to join the Leeds Office.

BONUS - Office9

Senior Recruitment Consultant

We are searching for an experienced recruitment consultant to join the Leeds office.

wating area

What is it like to work at Gilbert Meher?

“Gilbert Meher is a company that offers an enjoyable and engaging working environment with wonderful colleagues from all over the country. In addition, the company offers many growth and development opportunities which has allowed me to develop my professional skill set.”

-Grace Adamson
Graduate recruitment Scheme
Ash Head up the Mental Health Division at Gilbert Meher. He specialises in senior Mental Health Vacancies.

“Gilbert Meher is a company that supports and believes in their staff. Since joining Gilbert Meher I have gained a qualification from the British Institute of Recruiters, which has given me more confidence within in my role. “

-Ash Fitzgerald
Senior Recruitment Consultant


Encouraging and developing staff members is essential at Gilbert Meher. Therefore, the organisation has chosen to pair with the British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR) . Affording accreditation to consultants to continue their professional development. The high quantity and calibre of pass results the Gilbert Meher team has achieved, exemplify the core value of ‘Precision’.


Best practice and relevant industry standards that consultants have acquired from the BIoR courses lends itself to our third core value of ‘Integrity’. It has solidified their recruitment routine and nurtured the already executive standard level of service that they offer candidates and clients.


Gilbert Meher’s client-focused approach encourages consultants to continually strive for excellence and provide outstanding service. The organisation continues to source the very best candidates from across the Heath and Care industry. This, in turn, will allow clients to develop their organisations for the future, allowing quality care to be delivered to service users.

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