Clinical Business Consultant, Adam Horsfall, tells his story of how he got into recruitment from finishing University into 2018:

I studied at Newcastle University, completing a Bachelors degree in Politics. It was clear early on what the route to take once finishing university was – to get onto a prestigious graduate scheme with one of the key corporate companies in the UK. Applications started at the very beginning of third year and the long, drawn out process of interviews began. Many companies offering a one stage interview consisting of assessment centres, director interviews and team meets; others consisting of 2 or 3 stage interviews, requiring you to travel around the country to attend different assessment centres, with the ultimate goal to get to the final stage interview with a director/managing director.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to get a place on one of the most competitive graduate schemes in the UK. A package that had all the glitz and glamour that a young hopeful graduate looks for from their first job out of university. A way above average starting salary, company car and many other perks.

Although it is true that many companies do not hold back on stressing the difficulty of the role that they are offering, and how the jump from university to that position is not an easy transition. What they often fail to prepare you for, is the culture of the company and the work environment they foster  – something that, now more than ever, is increasingly important to graduates.

6 Months into my time on the graduate scheme, it became apparent that these values (culture, work life balance and having a supportive, forwarding thinking work place) were the most important thing to me.  Although this had been the job I had wanted ever since I cast my eyes over it in first year, there are certainly more things to life than having a flash company car and a high basic salary.


Now to my journey into recruitment…

After leaving my first job after university, I was sat with a group of friends, most of which are in the recruitment industry, working across different sectors. They were talking about how their work life balance is one that is completely sustainable, their working environments are young, exciting and full of like-minded people – something which I was looking for after the environment I had just left. But not only that, they were getting rewarded highly for the work that they were doing.

Seeing the success of my friends – some of which came straight into recruitment from university – made me hungry for a slice of the action. So the search began for the right company to help me develop and grow into someone who was able to enjoy the same successes and rewards that they had.

During my first interview, it was instantly apparent that Gilbert Meher was the place I wanted to be. The modern, open plan office, in the centre of Leeds, has its perks. The warm welcome I received whilst I waited to be interviewed by two directors was something that certainly calmed any pre-interview nerves. The second interview, with the final two directors, did nothing to change my perception of the company. Another warm welcome with an open and engaging interview.

Since my first day, I have had no other thought other than this is the place I want to be. The support I have received from day one, from all the management team and my colleagues has been second to none. This support and patience with any and all questions I had whilst on the job, coupled with online training helped me settle into the company and industry with relative ease. This made me feel more confident in my own ability and reassured in myself when working with my clients and canddiates.

The culture that Gilbert Meher have created is one that is open, forward thinking and collaborative. Your thoughts and ideas are openly shared, taken on board and discussed in an environment where it feels safe to challenge the ordinary and push yourself further.

I have been with the company 7 months now, I am a top 10 biller in the company and I am excited for what the future holds for my career within Gilbert Meher.

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