Gilbert Meher are proudly backing the CARE badge

Gilbert Meher are proudly backing the CARE badge



In the UK, nearly a quarter of the population is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day. A large portion of those providing the care are unpaid and are often juggling their work and family commitments with looking after a family member in need of care.

Sadly, the huge amount of work that is done by millions of care workers – paid and unpaid – often goes unnoticed and unrecognised.

So, in 2019, two of the sector’s leading figures, Robin Batchelor, Chair of everyLIFE Technologies, and Professor Martin Green ODE, Chief Executive of Care England, decided to create the CARE badge – a unifying symbol for the social care sector.

Gilbert Meher has donated funds to become a partner of the CARE badge.

Gilbert Meher’s director, Jonny Stewart said: “As soon as I heard about The CARE Badge, I knew we had to be involved. Our business has the privilege of speaking to and working with a vast number of excellent care professionals who go above and beyond to deliver outstanding care. There is too much focus on the negatives of the sector, often issues outside the control of people delivering care on the ground.

“It’s time to recognise and celebrate the great things that happen in the sector every day.”

The CARE badge aims to start conversations, raise the public profile of social care and advocate the amazing work carers do – day-in, day-out. By wearing the badge, you can show that you work, volunteer or support social care in the UK.

Getting behind the initiative is simple. Organisations, companies and charities across the UK will be selling CARE badges for around £1.20, so that individuals can show their support and donate much-needed funds. Between 30p-45p from each badge purchase will be distributed to care-related charities across the UK. These charities are suggested online by carers and care workers then the beneficiaries are selected by a committee of care professionals. You can buy these directly from the CARE badge website or look out for donation boxes that will be springing up around the UK in organisations and companies that work with or support the social care sector.

For further information regarding the CARE badge, please contact the team at or visit