Care Home Management Recruitment

Care Home Management Recruitment

The demand for top quality Care Home Managers is high. Therefore, it's important for a recruitment company like us, to know where to source the top talent. As well as also knowing where the best Care Organisations are, to meet their career objectives.

Here at Gilbert Meher, the Care Home team work closely with a number of respected providers. Taking the time to really get to know what each of our clients expects from their Managers. We will also take a detailed brief for each vacancy, as we understand that there are unique requirements for each home. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in care.

The Care Home team work regionally. Specialising in one area means that they are experts in the local marketplace. This allows Consultants to offer skilled analysis of competitors as well as in-depth knowledge of changes and patterns within their region. We take a consultative approach with our clients, offering market research and advice. This may be on how your business is perceived by potential candidates, and the challenges facing other providers nearby.

Each regional consultant has an ever-evolving database of passive candidates with whom we work long-term to find exactly the right position. Additionally, we focus our time on headhunting and accurately selling each business individually. You can guarantee that you’re only seeing CVs of candidates that are right for your service. Consultants look for a cultural fit between each candidate and provider, to ensure longevity with each placement, and to save you money and time in the long run.

At Gilbert Meher, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to listen. We take the time to ensure that we find out exactly what needs you have. In addition, to what specifications you desire and what kind of character you think will make a good fit within your organisation. We then take these components and filter our search specifically to generate a shortlist of candidates that are a close match to your requirements.

Recruitment Return on investment

Over the last few years, we have been lucky enough to partner with Brighterkind to cover all of their recruitment needs. Not only has this saved them over £200,000 a year on agency costs. Gilbert Meher has developed a close partnership that allows us to truly understand their culture and build up a picture of their ideal Manager.

However, the individual requirements of each home differ, and so we take a detailed brief from each hiring manager before shortlisting for the role – covering the history of the service and the direction in which the service is headed. Here regional consultants apply their local knowledge, identifying the reputation each home has in the area, who their main competitors are, and any unique recruitment challenges that the service might face, so that we can begin matching suitable candidates and ensuring a swift and efficient process.

The UK Healthcare sector continues to be under vast amounts of pressure, with staff retention remaining a key issue. At Gilbert Meher, we aim to aid organisations in their staffing processes efficiently, ensuring that quality of care doesn't suffer.

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