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Are you the Director or a C-suite member of a care home business interested in building a high-performance culture?

Gilbert Meher are working in partnership with Simon Parker, the Founding Partner of SP&P and the host of The Care Home Show is running a leadership workshop specifically for the Directors and C-suite members of care home businesses, entitled:

‘How to Build a High-Performance Culture in Your Care Home Business’

There are still people who see the concept of company culture as being a bit ‘out there’ and do not understand the return on investment that designing a high-performance culture will bring.

Luckily, the well-informed amongst us recognise that a high-performance culture is the quickest route to achieving:

  • A more engaged and committed workforce, leading to improved retention and easier recruitment
  • Better outcomes for residents, resulting in higher CQC ratings 
  • An improved reputation, therefore higher occupancy and more privately-funded residents

The problem that many care home operators face, is that they do not understand the specific process of designing and embedding a high-performance culture in their care home business.

The ‘How to build a high-performance culture in your care home business’ leadership workshop has been designed specifically to address this problem.

Jabriel Raja, the MD of Classic Care had this to say about the workshop:

“I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Simon’s workshops, focused ‘how to build a high-performance culture’.

In the workshop, Simon breaks down the process of designing and embedding your company culture into clear, actionable steps.

I highly recommend this workshop to other Directors of care home businesses”.

This leadership workshop is for you if:

  • You are the Director or C-suite member of a care home, or group
  • You are passionate about the culture of your care home business
  • You would like everyone in your team to be ‘on the same page and pulling in the same direction’

If you or a member of your team would like to attend, please contact Gilbert Meher's Director, Jonny Stewart, on 0113 322 4964 or

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