Four day Working Week Introduced at Gilbert Meher

Four day Working Week Introduced at Gilbert Meher

Gilbert Meher are trialling a new four day working week initiative to boost productivity and increase employee wellbeing. As work stress and burnout become more common, a new study suggests that a shorter working week really is the answer…..


Director at Gilbert Meher, Jonny Stewart gave the following statement:

“The idea is to perform at the same or increased standard, by eliminating distractions and increasing productivity. This is a real game changer and it’s great opportunity for all of us. It’s up to everyone to make it work, we have always said we trust everyone to deliver by providing an environment that allows you the flexibility to have a good work life balance. The extra day per week will help everyone to keep their life admin in check and we hope it will deliver improvements to everyone’s overall wellbeing. Working in recruitment can be a tough and high-pressured environment, we want to make sure our staff are not going to burn out. Our workforce is our biggest asset, we want to ensure we are looking after it! ”


Gilbert Meher employees will enjoy an additional 47 days off per year, a move that many business owners and shareholders might find difficult to comprehend, however the leadership team are committed to the ensuring employee well-being is at the forefront of the business, whilst continuing to provide high quality recruitment services to their operational sectors.


Do we actually need to work 12 hour days?

For many recruitment organisations, long hours have always been the norm, with many recruitment businesses demanding a 7am-7pm day, five days a week. According to a recent survey by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), despite recruitment organisations long working hours, employees were not actually being that productive. In contrast, countries where employees work less hours, there is actually being more done. In Germany for example, where full-time employees work 1.8 hours less a week, productivity is 14.6% more than in the UK. In 2017-18, in the UK, 57% of all sick days were due to work-related stress, anxiety or depression, and 44% of these were caused by workload pressure alone. In the UK we work some of the longest hours in Europe – as the report identifies – and we enjoy the fewest national holidays. With more time to recover and recuperate, workers will perform better, enjoy their work more and inevitably take less sick leave.

The four day working week will come into effect in October and productivity and wellbeing of staff will be monitored to determine whether the initiative is a success.


If you are considering a possible move within the recruitment world, please get in touch. At Gilbert Meher, we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Contact our recruitment team for some more information on working life at GM, or send your CV to