What do our Specialist Interim team recruit for?

The Interim and Contracts Division will recruit any of the following positions within a Healthcare setting.

  • Care Home Managers
  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Crisis intervention and Recovery
  • Compliance and Risk
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Sales and marketing
  • Senior Appointments

Benefits of using interim Managers:

  • High – Impact: Interim Managers are practised at making a significant difference quickly, assessing and working with the company culture and often with little in the way of a formal brief.
  • Independent: They remain outside of the company politics thus are able to address issues from a neutral position. This is particularly useful when difficult and often unpopular decisions have to be made. Interim Managers also act as trusted advisors who are highly respected.
  • Senior: Operating at board or near board level, interim Managers are Managers and executives who have gravitas and credibility. They are well qualified, leaders of departments and businesses who advise and deliver effective solutions.
  • Transformational: Interim management is often focused on activities related to change, transition, business improvements, crisis management and turnaround. Even when their assignment finds a gap, they add true value and energise a workplace.
  • Wide expertise: With a strong track record of completing a variety of assignments, interim managers typically combine depth and breadth of expertise in their specialist disciplines, allowing them to deliver strong results quickly.
  • Time focused: Interim Managers are available at short notice. Once engaged, they will focus on providing significant value within the agreed fixed-term parameters.

How Gilbert Meher can help with interim needs:

  • Instant access to market leading candidates with proven track records
  • Compliance checks covered by us at no extra cost
  • Mitigates risk: time lost recruiting permanent hires; setbacks in operational improvement programmes
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