What it takes to be a Top Biller

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Top Biller, Jorden Herendi’s top recruitment tips

It is no secret that successful recruiters can earn very good money, in addition to benefits such as all paid for holidays and shopping sprees.

One thing that really stands out amongst our top billers at Gilbert Meher is their determination to work towards and exceed a target. Whether that be for a salary increase or to get onto the High Rollers trip to Dublin, they are always working towards a goal.  At Gilbert Meher, everyone has a strong work ethic, as they know their hard work gets rewarded!

Our latest incentive winner of a £1000 shopping spree, explains what it takes to succeed in recruitment. After an outstanding performance last month, Jorden Herendi billed the highest ever month in the companies history– here are a couple of tips from overall Top Biller Jorden, who heads up our Children’s Services division at Gilbert Meher.


There is no one ‘key skill’ that makes a Top Biller specifically, everyone has a slightly different approach. However, I believe honesty, empathy and transparency are essential when aiming to succeed in recruitment. Having a positive attitude but at the same time, realistic attitude will help you maintain a sense of balance when things may not be going your way.

I really care about each and every candidate and client I work with, and genuinely want what is best for them. Therefore, if I don’t have suitable candidates, I won’t introduce unsuitable candidates for the sake of it. Similarly, If I don’t have suitable roles, I won’t put candidates forward for roles that aren’t suitable for them – it’s not about numbers for me, it’s about the long game! – Which may set me apart from other recruiters. I can be honest with both candidates and clients, even when sometimes conversations can be difficult. However, I know they really appreciate this feedback and it gives them confidence in me further down the line. There is a mutual trust between everyone, which is really important.

Building relationships

The most important thing for me is building long-lasting relationships, with both candidates and clients. I  believe both are as important as each other.

My advice to recruiters who are new to the sector would be to take your time to get to know your clients – meet them, go look around the services/environments.  This enables you to give in-depth detail about roles, which then, in turn, will allow you to attract and engage high-quality candidates. In addition, when working with clients I always ensure that I am constantly delivering the same quality of service as I would have when I was trying to win their business- my level of detail and professionalism never alters.

On a similar thread, I would advise to meet with your candidates and be attentive to their career goals. Ensure the roles you are putting them forward for are exactly what they want and aspire to. This way you don’t lose credibility – which is essential in recruitment. My approach is, to be honest and open with both candidates and clients, whilst being completely transparent with everything I do. This has enabled me to build trusted and exclusive relationships across the Children’s Services sector.


Another essential element of being a successful recruiter is knowledge. I have been in the sector for almost 10 years now. From this, I have developed in-depth knowledge and insight into the Children’s Services market – industry information which I can share with both candidates and clients that may influence key decisions. In relation to this, I am incredibly passionate about my sector and this is reflected in the conversations I have with people, being up to date with what is happening in my sector allows me to move quickly and source the top talent. Having a sector you really do care about, makes it so much easier to be successful.

What it takes to succeed

Work hard, be kind, open and honest – it’s about the long game if you want to be successful. It may take a year or two to build those relationships, but it is worth it in the end!



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