Building Candidate Relationships

11 Nov 2019

How we work with candidates

That’s why we access the most exceptional candidates who are compassionate leaders. Ones who are ready to make a difference in care organisations across the UK. We work with our clients to establish KPI's early.  Ensuring we always deliver a shortlist of candidates at the right time. Our long-standing experience in the social care sector, we realise the importance of sharing knowledge and resources. Our experienced consultant's coach, guide and mentor candidates through the recruitment process. Ensuring they can be confident when it comes to the interview and assessment stages.

Getting to know our candidates:

The initial step we take to ensure both a client and a candidate receive a professional, tailored job search, is getting to know our candidates. Whilst focussing on what they are looking for in their next career move. We not only search for the perfect role for them but a long lasting career in which they can thrive and progress. Take a look at some of the current roles within the sector.

We begin with a telephone conversation that establishes their current role, what they enjoy and what they would like to gain from their future role. Wider details such as their home life, travel expectations and what they are looking for in a provider are also established. It is from here we then begin searching for the right role. Tying in the details previously discussed. We present a shortlist of roles, presenting them with all the details needed to make an informed decision of whether or not they wish to be represented for the role.

The interview process:

The next step would be to begin to organise the interview process. This varies from provider to provider, we adopt a professional and informative approach throughout. From organising interviews (time, date, location and interview panel.  To giving in-depth information about the structure of the interview and any additional information and links we can. Furthermore, this includes resources for candidates to reflect on their choice factors and motivators.

We then take feedback from both client and candidate and relay this to both in a constructive manner. Ensuring an open recruitment process throughout. Finally, if the candidate is successful and secures the role we then liaise with both candidate and client to organise a start date, guide them through handing in their notice, collecting reference details to pass on to the client, and ensuring DBS checks and all other necessary documents are passed on to the client.

Establishing a long lasting relationship:

Finally, what separates us from other recruitments companies is the dedication and desire to achieve longevity. We aspire to do this through ensuring we keep in regular contact with the candidates. Consultants listen to any concerns they may have about the role. In addition to engaging in regular catch ups to see whether we can aid their induction or enjoyment in their role in any way possible. We also take an interest in the wider role as a Recruitment Consultant and act to help candidates through any personal matter that may affect their work or immediate ability to do their job. Communicating with the providers to ensure all parties are kept in the loop and an open, transparent method of recruitment is adopted.

The Care Home team work regionally here at Gilbert Meher. Specialising in one area means that they are experts in the local marketplace. This allows Consultants to offer skilled analysis of competitors as well as in-depth knowledge of changes and patterns within their region. To get in contact with a consultant in your area why not meet the team or get in touch today.

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