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Are You Overlooking the Best Candidates? The Impact of Interviewer Bias on Talent Acquisition and How to Avoid It

Yansu Wang
21 Mar 2024

Avoiding the Trap of Interviewer Bias in Recruitment | Inclusive and Fair Hiring Guide by Gilbert Meher


You Can Care Week: Compelling Careers in Social Care

Matthew Brown, Head of Social Care
14 Feb 2024

Choosing a career in working with individuals with autism and learning disabilities offers a dynamic and fulfilling journey, filled with opportunities to promote independence and embrace diversity of each day. Matthew Brown, Head of Social Care at here at Gilbert Meher has composed a list of why working in this specialised field within Social Care is so compelling.


Harmony Unlocked: The Dance of ‘AI’ and ‘EI’ in Recruitment

Natalie Walker
05 Dec 2023

Explore the interplay between Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in modern recruitment, and how it shapes successful hiring strategies.


Is there an industry as dynamic as recruitment?

Natalie Walker
19 Oct 2023

Unlock the secrets of thriving in the ever-changing recruitment landscape with Natalie Walker's indispensable tips for success.


Top CV Tips for Landing Your First Life Science Role

18 Jul 2022

An employer’s first introduction to you is your CV, so we've prepared our top tips to land you your first job in Life Sciences.


Gilbert Meher Successfully Launches Academy

06 Jul 2022

We are excited for our new starters to join in the academy in the coming weeks. We have worked hard to make this a slick and seamless process for anyone we invite through and it’s proving to be working well so far!


Gilbert Meher and Ada Meher Teams pledge to Run 10k in Full PPE

Aidan Hopkinson
20 Jun 2022

In partnership with Hallmark Care Homes, the Gilbert Meher and Ada Meher teams will be running in the Jane Tomlinson Run For All Leeds 10k on July 3rd.


7 Steps to Developing Diverse Talent

27 May 2022

As part of our Women in Leadership Campaign, we recently sat down with Greg Eppink, a senior leader in the Life Sciences industry with a strong track-record of commercial success.


How to Manage Job Search Anxiety

Aidan Hopkinson
09 May 2022

Here are our top tips for managing job search anxiety and maintaining a positive mindset.


Gilbert Meher Launches New Science LinkedIn Page

20 Apr 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our Gilbert Meher | Science page.


How Recruiters can help Heat Up your Job Search in 2022

Aidan Hopkinson
07 Apr 2022

Finding a job isn't easy but here's 7 ways a recruitment consultant can make it a walk in the park.


Will Dobson Becomes Head of Client Development-Interim

Aidan Hopkinson
04 Apr 2022

Gilbert Meher is excited to announce that Will Dobson is joining our team as the Head of Client Development-Interim.


Gilbert Meher Rewards Consultants with Barcelona Trip

29 Mar 2022

Recently, Gilbert Meher rewarded its top billers with an all-expenses paid trip to the beautiful Barcelona in southern Spain.


Gilbert Meher Pledges to Travel 1,500 Miles to Support Ukraine

17 Mar 2022

As a result of the catastrophic situation in Eastern Europe, the teams at Gilbert Meher and Ada Meher have rallied together to launch a (virtual) ‘Commute to Ukraine’ campaign to raise money for those in need.


Emily Legood Wins Recruiter of the Year

Aidan Hopkinson
07 Feb 2022

Gilbert Meher is pleased to announce the recruiter of the year 2021 is none other than our head of Life Sciences: Emily Legood


Natalie Walker appointed new Director of Talent & Development

12 Jan 2022

Natalie Walker joins the business as Gilbert Meher invests in brand-new role to focus on in-house training and development


Dawid Drygiel Rises to a New Challenge

Aidan Hopkinson
09 Dec 2021

Gilbert Meher are pleased to announce the promotion of Dawid Drygiel to Operations Manager.


Government’s New Social Care Plan Explained

Aidan Hopkinson
03 Dec 2021

Take a closer look at the UK Government's promise of social care funding as we delve in to what it really means...


Online Interviews: Tips and Tricks to Succeed

Aidan Hopkinson
01 Dec 2021

79% of interviews are conducted remotely, read our top tips and tricks to help you ace your next online interview.


Celebrating Purple Tuesday 2021: What we've achieved

02 Nov 2021

Tuesday 2nd November 2021 marked a huge day in the disabled community...


Jonathon Brooks talks disability recruitment at The Care Show 2021

Gilbert Meher
19 Oct 2021

At this year’s Care Show, our founding director Jonathon Brooks was honoured to have been invited to discuss ‘Improving the experience of disabled people in social care’ on the main stage...


Gilbert Meher Celebrates Ten Years in Industry

03 Sep 2021

That’s a decade of building lasting relationships with clients; and a decade that the people we placed have been making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the UK.


Why the 'Search' Element of Executive Search is Critical

john smith
23 Jun 2021

The 'search' element of Executive Search, or 'sourcing' as it is sometimes known, is possibly the most crucial stage of the recruitment process...


Executive Search Team Deliver Bumper Quarter

17 Jun 2021

Gilbert Meher’s Executive Search team played a crucial role to deliver a strong Q3 performance for the company, which covered assignments in February, March, and April 2021.


Gilbert Meher Supports Government Kickstart Scheme

16 Mar 2021

Gilbert Meher is pleased to support the Government’s Kickstart scheme, aimed at getting 16–24-year-olds into employment.


Matthew Brown is promoted to Senior Consultant

01 Mar 2021

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Matthew Brown to Senior Consultant in Adult Specialist Care.


Emily Drives Life Sciences Success

08 Feb 2021

Gilbert Meher's Life Sciences division, headed by Emily Legood, is celebrating record-breaking performance thanks to a string of new global partnerships.


Ben Joins Gilbert Meher to Expand Expertise

12 Jan 2021

We're pleased to announce that Ben Rispin has joined Gilbert Meher to expand our Health & Social Care expertise.


Top Interview Preparation Tips

11 Nov 2020

How to get that job you've always dreamed of...


Shaping The Future Of Health & Social Care Recruitment

03 Sep 2020

Over the past 10 months, Gilbert Meher has been working around the clock to extend our partnership with the care community.


A Step Up for Corrie Keable

31 Aug 2020

Gilbert Meher has promoted Corrie Keable into newly created role, UK Client Development Manager.

Case study

Success Stories: Shaw Healthcare

03 Jun 2020

Gilbert Meher successfully recruit new Interim Commissioning Manager...


Tips for a Smooth and Successful Video Interview

19 Mar 2020

Video interviews are here to stay. Learn how to make the best impression through the small screen...


Building Candidate Relationships

11 Nov 2019

We understand the urgent need to find experienced Care Home Managers.

Case study

Success Stories: Brighterkind

07 Aug 2019

Gilbert Meher successfully place new Home Manager at Brighterkind...

Case study

Success Stories: Senior Star

01 Jul 2019

On the hunt for a specialist Executive Director in Senior Living...

Case study

Success Stories: Excelcare

20 Jun 2019

Gilbert Meher successfully place new Finance Director at Excelcare...

Case study

Success Stories: Aspens

16 May 2019

The search for a Director of Operations in social care...

Case study

Success Stories: Medical Devices

13 Mar 2019

On the hunt for a Business Development Manager in Medical Devices...

Case study

Success Stories: Majesticare

11 Nov 2018

Gilbert Meher place impressive new Home Manager at Majesticare...

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