Online Interviews: Tips and Tricks to Succeed

Aidan Hopkinson
01 Dec 2021

The pandemic has had a profound effect on everyone and naturally, this has disrupted the usual flow of interview processes, with many companies adjusting hiring procedures at a dizzying pace to keep up with the times. Since the start of the pandemic 79% of interviews are being conducted remotely. To help you adjust to this, we have put together our top tips and tricks to help you ace your next online interview.

The techniques you need to smash that next online interview:

  • The first step to an online interview is to prevent any technological issues. Remember to check your broadband, test your equipment, and make sure your device is fully charged.
  • The next step is presentation. Ensure you are in a well-lit area with a plain background, you are dressed well (a remote interview is no excuse for pyjamas), and ensure your name and profile picture match your application.
  • And now, the interview itself. This what you’ve been preparing and practicing for. The number one rule; plan what you are going to say. Prepare answers to common questions in advance, take a few moments to collect your thoughts, and give a first-class answer.
  • Once the interview is over, make sure you are fully disconnected and the software is closed before you move on.
  • Should you send a follow-up email? Yes. Absolutely. There’s no need to be too wordy, but this gives you the chance to reaffirm your interest continue to build relations with the interviewer.

The final piece of advice is to not stress, problems may arise but it’s likely that both you and the interviewer are experiencing the same issues. As everyone adapts and learns this new way of doing things, it’s important to have patience with any tech issues that may occur.

Recommended Free Video Calling Apps:


As far as video call apps go, Skype is the old reliable. With free video-calling and supporting up to 50 people, it’s easy to see why Skype is an industry giant.


Probably the second-most popular choice, the pandemic has turned Zoom into a household name, and with good reason. This app is one of the most widely known, and has become one of the most user-friendly apps out there.


Teams tends to be a corporate favourite as the software is widely used in industry for its multifunctionality. Boasting Microsoft connectivity and tools, such as background blurring, Teams is a great choice for a professional look.

Google Duos

The successor to Google Hangouts, Duos is Google’s newest video software. This app comes pre-installed on the newest android devices and is available for iPhone too, which makes the app one of the most accessible on the market.

The final step: achieve interview success!

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