Harmony Unlocked: The Dance of ‘AI’ and ‘EI’ in Recruitment

Natalie Walker
05 Dec 2023

In the dynamic dance of modern recruitment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have cut in with some fancy footwork, but it's the soulful rhythm of Emotional Intelligence (EI)💖 that keeps the party (and process) alive. 

Our very own Natalie Walker, Director of Talent and Development, and a 15+ years recruitment expert, serves up her seasoned insights with a dash of real talk.


🌟 What Natalie Has to Say:

With over 15 years of navigating the recruitment industry's evolution, Natalie has seen trends come and go. But one mainstay, she insists, remains the profound impact of EI. It’s this core element, Natalie believes, that will continue to shape the future of recruitment, distinguishing our approach and the candidates we champion.


🤖 The AI Takeover? Not Quite:

AI has earned its place in the recruitment limelight. It sifts through CVs like a hot knife through butter, and spots the perfect candidate patterns better than a detective. It brings a level of efficiency that frees our experts to deploy more strategic, human-centric facets of talent acquisition.

However, Natalie points out the critical need for balance – where AI's analytical prowess is complemented by the nuanced judgment that only EI can bring - spotlighting empathy, relationship savvy, and trust-building. It’s these moves that really unlock a candidate's true potential.


🤝 Nothing Beats the Human Beat:

Natalie's take? You can't automate authenticity. The human touch in recruitment is the not-so-secret ingredient, it’s the avoidance of it that impacts the process. The genuine connections, the management of emotions, and the ability to resolve complex issues that AI alone cannot navigate will impact the end result, and we’re all here to make placements and provide a great service in doing so. That makes the whole recruitment process far more enjoyable, right?  

These inherently human attributes ensure our recruitment decisions are aligned not just with roles, but with the culture and values of individuals and the organisations we partner with.


🌱 Elevating Recruitment with EI:

Natalie is a strong advocate for EI's role in crafting a candidate journey that goes beyond mere qualifications. It's about assessing the fit for a team, the adaptability to a company's ethos, and the potential for growth. These are the dimensions that forge strong, dynamic teams and foster a thriving workplace culture.


🏆 Conclusion:

Wrapping it up, Natalie lays down the truth: AI has certainly remixed the recruitment scene, and it’s certainly helped me work smarter,  but it’s the harmony of EI that completes the picture. It's this blend of tech-savvy and people-smarts that ensures our recruitment strategy is not only effective but also genuinely holistic.

As we embrace the future, we do so with a commitment to the personal touch, the human connection, and the belief that the blend of technology and emotional savvy will continue to define the excellence of our recruitment philosophy.

The fusion of innovative technology and human insight is set to shape the next chapter of recruitment, one where Gilbert Meher leads the way with authenticity at the helm.

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