Government’s New Social Care Plan Explained

Aidan Hopkinson
03 Dec 2021

Recently, the government has announced a new social care plan to increase spending on adult social care with £5.4bn in total being spent on the sector.

To help you navigate this complex and lengthy agenda, we've highlighted the major aspects of this plan;

£1.7bn of the money will be spent on improving social care services, such as supported housing, new technology, and training for staff. The government explained that £500 million of this would go to the workforce.

The other £3.6bn will be spent on local councils to extend the means test for people receiving local council support, as well as extending the lifetime cap on care fees to £86,000.

This means that people with assets up to £100,000 (not including their house if they or their spouse is living in it) can qualify for help with personal living costs. Also, if someone has £20,000 or less in assets, they will not have to pay for care from these assets (although it may come out of their wage).

Disabled people will now be able to claim larger grants from the government to help with home adaptations, such as stairlifts or wet rooms. This will be achieved by increasing the £30,000 limit of the Disabled Facilities Grant.

These changes are set to come about in October 2023 and are part of a 10-year plan.

At Gilbert Meher, we are a top recruiter in the Social Care industry and are passionate about making positive changes in the sector. We welcome the increased funding and support any measure that aims to increase the availability of care. It is important to us that people can get the help they need when they need it.

However, the government’s plan has been criticised for not addressing the recruitment struggles that the sector faces. As a recruitment firm, Gilbert Meher seeks to make positive changes when sourcing candidates, this includes addressing limiting factors in the sector. It is a priority for Gilbert Meher to promote a more inclusive workforce where no candidate is unfairly disadvantaged.

To address this, our founding director, Jonathon Brooks, recently gave a talk on improving people with disabilities’ experiences within the social care sector. He reaffirmed the company’s commitment to providing clients with diverse candidates who are well-suited for and passionate about their roles.

Read more about how Gilbert Meher is leading the industry and helping shape the future of health and social care recruitment.


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