Jonathon Brooks talks disability recruitment at The Care Show 2021

Gilbert Meher
19 Oct 2021

At this year’s Care Show, our founding director, Jonathon Brooks, was honoured to have been invited to discuss ‘Improving the experience of disabled people in social care’ on the main stage at the NEC Birmingham. Alongside influential figures in social care, the group considered the accessibility of social care among this demographic from an employment perspective.


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Speakers at The Care Show 2021


A term that extends beyond the surface; a vast number of disabilities are hidden to the naked eye. Learning disabilities, epilepsy and even sleep disorders are all classed as invisible disabilities and can have a real impact on how people approach work much like that of visible disabilities. 

As recruitment experts, we understand there are many benefits to hiring disabled staff; they offer a greater understanding of the needs of those requiring social care, a unique perspective on the sector and how best to operate to meet those needs, outstanding employee engagement figures and a reduced staff turnover. Learn more about the benefits of diversity and inclusion here.

This subject is close to Jonathon’s heart, so he’s made it Gilbert Meher’s mission to change the way social care views applicants with disabilities, and ensure candidates are viewed with equality when considered for a role in the sector. 

“In doing what I can in our area of work, and with the support of Purple and our fellow Purple Tuesday sponsors, I know we can change the experience of disabled people in the workplace for the better.”

Purple Tuesday takes place on 2nd November; join us in celebrating disability and to drive greater awareness, understanding, knowledge and best practice for disabled people across all industries. Register here to participate in Purple Tuesday for FREE.


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