Celebrating Purple Tuesday 2021: What we've achieved

02 Nov 2021

Tuesday 2nd November 2021 marked a huge day in the disabled community.

Purple Tuesday is a change movement for organisations across all sectors to improve the experience of disabled communities in business, 365 days a year, and to celebrate those improvements that have already been made.

Gilbert Meher is proud to support Purple Tuesday as Sector Sponsor in social care recruitment. This year we've teamed up with the likes of eBay, Sainsbury's and Boots UK to champion the improvement of the consumer disability experience across all aspects of daily life.

We believe as a social care recruiter, we can make an impact on the way disabled people are perceived in work environments, which is why our goal is to improve the accessibility of employment opportunities in our sector and fight to eradicate subconscious stereotyping in hiring processes. 

So how have we done this?

One key best practice we’ve focused on is ensuring our clients and partners are aware of the benefits of disability inclusion in their hiring process and adapted our approach to ensure all recruitment activity is executed with these shared values in mind. As a recruitment partner, our clients can expect us to:

  1. Constructively challenge any exclusive and restrictive criteria in role profiles we receive
  2. Ensure all advertising materials use inclusive language and imagery
  3. Put diversity and inclusivity at the heart of all client projects
  4. Ensure all roles are advertised on disability inclusive job boards
  5. Challenge any exclusive workplace practices we might come across in working together

These actions haven’t come without challenges; we have had to overcome the often subconscious stereotyping and work closely with our clients to spread a better understanding of disability inclusion in the workplace, but ultimately we have seen a really positive and open-minded response. In making these small but assured steps we have made a real difference to our partners and client practices and hopefully improved the employment prospects of disabled people across the UK and beyond.

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