The delayed IR35 regulations will be implemented on 6 April 2021.

If you currently work as a contractor, are considering becoming a contractor or own a business that hires contractors, IR35 is something that you need to be ready for.

We'll be holding an online event to help you assess and prepare for the changes.

We'll be joined by Michael Howard from Exact Payroll so you can get prepared for changes:

  • How to assess IR35 and implications?
  • What is changing, and the risks/obligations?
  • Reasonable Care – what is it?
  • Case Law examples
  • Financial Implications / Options to consider
  • Preparation to deal with changes

To attend please email Fae for an event link:

IR35 is complex legislation, however, by fully familiarising yourself with the information available to you and taking the relevant actions to comply with IR35 rules you’ll be able to work as tax-efficiently as possible while staying on the right side of the law.

Whether you’re a contractor or work with contractors, it’s worth educating yourself to the best possible level for your reputation’s sake

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